The CERB Excludes Too Many People. It Must Be Fixed.

The government’s flagship COVID-19 benefit will do nothing for many Canadians who need help now.

COVID-19 Hasn’t Stopped Postmedia From Publishing Bullshit

Postmedia is still giving a platform to columnists to say dangerous things that fly in the face of science.

Only Disaster Socialism Can Save Us From Barbarism

Moments of panic can allow for previously-unthinkable liberatory politics to become both popular and urgent.

Trudeau’s Decision To Return Asylum Seekers Will Be A Costly Mistake

The decision to turn back asylum seekers is heavy-handed, not based on medical advice and may put more Canadians at risk for COVID-19.

COVID-19 May Limit Access To Abortions Throughout Canada

Feminists must remain vigilant to protect abortion access for anyone who needs one in the coming months.