Canadian Laws Were Made For Corporations, Not You And Me

In Canada, protecting corporate capital is considered just as “fundamental” as protecting people from violence.

Anti-Palestinian Racism Is Behind IHRA’s Antisemitism Definition

Ontario’s adoption of IHRA’s antisemitism definition isn’t the first act of its kind to target Palestinians, and it won’t be the last.

It’s Time For A Postmedia Sunshine List

We’re the ones paying to keep the bloated carcass of Postmedia afloat, so is it too much to ask for a little transparency?

The Poppy Warriors Can Fuck Right Off

The Poppy Wars are more ridiculous than before, and my patience for populist bullshit that milks vacant patriotism for votes is wafer thin.

TV Journalists Should Be Banned From Wearing Poppies On-Air

Poppies are political symbols, but journalists are permitted or forced to wear them on-air despite supposedly needing to appear unbiased.

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Alberta’s COVID Nightmare Goes M*A*S*H

Jason Kenney delayed taking action on COVID as long as possible, and now the situation is a catastrophe.

Prominent journalist quits Global after racist, sexist online abuse

A prominent Global journalist alleges the company's failure to enforce basic journalistic standards on radio led to racist and sexist abuse against her.

Doug Doesn’t Give A Doug

Doug Ford is raking in political contributions from long-term care operators (an industry he also wants to protect from facing consequences for negligence during COVID).

COVID Housing Horrors

As Canadian cities turn into playgrounds for the rich, essential workers are priced out.