Canada Is Perpetuating Vaccine Apartheid

Countries in the Global South don’t need rich nations to save them. They need to be allowed to make vaccines.

Law Enforcement Should Have No Place In Unions

So long as they defend and expand policing, unions will be complicit in the harm police forces enact on our communities.

It’s Time For Ontario’s Science Table Members To Resign

To stay at their posts is to collaborate with the government in its social murder of Ontarians throughout the pandemic.

Strike Breaking Is A Labour Of Love For Federal Liberals

By breaking the strike at the Port of Montreal, the federal government is showing its hand: It’s here for them, not you.

Doug Ford Is Using The Pandemic To Criminalize Tenant Organizing

In the midst of a pandemic, Ford has empowered landlords and police to impose greater discipline and hardship on working-class people.

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The Case For A Just Transition For Armaments Workers

An interview with Simon Black of Labour Against the Arms Trade Canada, a coalition of labour, peace and human rights activists seeking to bring attention to and end Canada’s role in the international arms trade.

COVID Aid For The Rest Of The World Can’t Wait

We shouldn’t be surprised that it’s taken until people are dying in the streets in India for Canada to get involved in COVID aid for the rest of the world.

While Not A Return To Austerity, The Liberal’s COVID Budget Mostly Falls Short

The Liberal's first COVID budget is not a return to austerity, but does not mark a clear break with the era of small government.

Who Will Cough Up For Paid Sick Leave?

While politicians bicker about who should fund paid sick leave, workers continue to get sick and die.