The Spanish Civil War Shows Canada Isn’t Truly Opposed To Fascism

A government that believed in fighting fascism would at least acknowledge the wrongs it did to the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion volunteers.

Media Is Ignoring Alleged Illegal Israeli Army Recruitment In Canada

A criminal complaint being investigated by police alleges Israeli diplomats and consular officials are recruiting Canadians into their army.

Free Tuition Is The Only Way To Save Students From This Pandemic

Cancelling student interest would be welcome, but wholly inadequate at remedying the inequities worsened by charging tuition.

The Right To Die Is Coercive Without Giving Support To Live

Poverty, insecure housing, lack of resources and an ableist healthcare system all impact the dignity of people living with disabilities.

Funding Communities Isn’t Enough To Stop Racist Police Violence

By underestimating racism’s role as a root cause of crime, popular abolition models risk oversimplifying the problems they face.

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Trudeau Promised To Bring Clean Water To First Nations By March 31. That’s Not Happening.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau promised in his 2015 election platform to eliminate all drinking water advisories on First Nations reserves by March 31 of this year. That’s not going to happen.