The Left Should Watch New Brunswick’s Election Closely

Key battles for socialists in Canada are being fought in the province, many of them on the ballot in some form this election.

Doug Ford Is Using The Pandemic To Decimate Public Schools

COVID-19 has sped up what was already in motion: the hollowing out of public education in Ontario and the creation of a two-tiered system.

A Guide to Bullshit, Power-Serving Journalism Phrases

These phrases function as PR for police, victim-blame sexual assault survivors, support Canadian foreign policy, and minimize racism.

Selling Out Transit To Rideshares Will Be A Disaster

Microtransit is a failure by every metric — except for the one that expands capital accumulation.

It’s Time To Call Out Anti-Blackness In Canada’s Foreign Policy

Canadians are increasingly acknowledging anti-Black racism at home, yet its role in our foreign policy is rarely discussed.

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The Court And The Carbon Tax

Feds accept provincial climate plans while fighting them in court

It’s the last day of summer, and COVID is back!

Happening today: COVID failures, FN fishing rights, and a B.C. election.

Economic Planning Is The Only Way To Overcome Climate Change

Seth Klein's new book, A Good War: Mobilizing Canada for the Climate Emergency, shows how Canada's experience mobilizing for World War Two should inform our response to the climate emergency.

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