The Media Keeps Blaming Overdoses On The CERB. They’re Wrong.

It’s easier to blame the CERB than address the countless issues plaguing those on the margins of society.

The Stock Market’s Pandemic Success Shows The Economy Is Rigged

If the markets were actually free, shareholders and corporate executives would be going bust right now.

Jason Kenney Is Trying To Kill Alberta’s Labour Movement

The UCP is openly attempting to dismantle any remnant of NDP rule, in part by restricting the activity of unions.

The Communist Party of Canada Isn’t A Revolutionary Party

Since the 1950s, Canada's Communist Party has lacked the size, and degree of influence on a mass scale, needed to be a genuine party.

The ‘Memorial to the Victims of Communism’ Should Be Bulldozed

Turn the construction site into a massive Arby’s, a parking lot, a collection of hornets’ nests — anything would be better.

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In Rich Societies, Scarcity Is A Crime

It's political decisions, rather than a lack of resources, that deny people the basic necessities of life.

Nationalization Isn’t Enough. Workers Should Control Their Workplaces.

When workers control their own workplaces, they prioritize long-term interests and the improvement of society over short-term corporate profits. That's a good thing.

Decent Housing Should Not Be Reserved For The Rich

A good home should not be reserved for those with the wealth to pay. A massive public housing program could provide everyone with decent housing.

We Need Public Luxuries For All, Not Private Luxuries For Some

To build a better future we need to create public luxuries that everyone can enjoy rather than limiting luxuries to the rich.