Foreign Policy

The Government Is Risking Our Lives By Abandoning Canadians In Iran

These Canadians are stuck in a terrifying situation, and increasingly feeling abandoned by their government.

Canada Should Drop Its Sanctions On North Korea

Sanctions punish all Koreans, are unwanted by both the North and South governments, and stand in the way of peace.

Jagmeet Singh Must Support The Right To Boycott Israel

Singh’s disavowal of BDS comes at a time when party support for non-violent protest against Israel's policies is needed more than ever.

Trudeau Must Condemn Trump’s Plan To Rob Palestinians

Trump's "peace plan" is a blueprint for further disenfranchising Palestinians. Canada must condemn it.

Canadian Media Is Making Life Worse For Iranians

Pro-peace voices are rarely included in coverage, with advocates of sanctions and regime change given the spotlight instead

Stop Telling Antiwar Activists To Condemn Countries Under Attack

Antiwar activists in Canada and the United States have an obligation to focus on our own country’s abuses first.