Nationalize The Telcos

Telecommunications is an essential service that people need access to in order to live and work in the modern world. It should be publicly owned.

COVID-19 Hasn’t Stopped Postmedia From Publishing Bullshit

Postmedia is still giving a platform to columnists to say dangerous things that fly in the face of science.

Only Disaster Socialism Can Save Us From Barbarism

Moments of panic can allow for previously-unthinkable liberatory politics to become both popular and urgent.

Trudeau’s Decision To Return Asylum Seekers Will Be A Costly Mistake

The decision to turn back asylum seekers is heavy-handed, not based on medical advice and may put more Canadians at risk for COVID-19.

Canada Should Nationalize Oil Companies, Not Bail Them Out

Alberta’s profound exposure to both deadly viruses and commodity price crashes is a result of capitalism and austerity.

How To Fix Trudeau’s Plan To Help Workers During COVID-19

The Federal government’s first phase response does not do enough to protect workers. These six policy ideas would secure everyone’s finances.

Alberta’s Fixation With Oil Is Leading The Province To Ruin

Premier Jason Kenney should rethink his giant all-in gamble on oil to solve the province’s problems.

The Government Is Risking Our Lives By Abandoning Canadians In Iran

These Canadians are stuck in a terrifying situation, and increasingly feeling abandoned by their government.

COVID-19 Hasn’t Stopped Ford From Trying To Speedup Future Evictions

Ford’s objective is to spur profit-making and clear out working class people whose homes and tenancies stand in the way.

The Nordics Show Us How To Protect Workers During COVID-19

Nordic states are boosting already generous paid sick leave and employment insurance benefits during the coronavirus pandemic. Canada should follow their lead.