Socialism Success Stories

Official narratives in the West treat socialism as a failure wherever it has been attempted, but this is not the case. We will look at lesser-known examples of successfully implemented socialist institutions, agendas, and programs from around the world throughout history.

  • Multiple authors

Deepening Democracy

Democracy isn’t easy to establish, and it’s just as hard to extend and maintain. Constantly under construction, democracy can only survive if we work at it. But too often it is constrained, made exclusive, leaving day-to-day folks out of the process of self-government, alienating them and failing to deliver the policies and laws they want and need. This course by political theorist David Moscrop will focus on where democracy is failing us and what we can do to improve it to deliver on the promise of demos-kratos — the power of the people.

  • David Moscrop

How The Car Conquered The World

The car culture of North America did not develop accidentally. It was the planned result of a long and vicious fight by corporate interests to undermine public transit and sell private automobiles. In this email course, James Wilt — author of Do Androids Dream of Electric Cars? Public Transit in the Age of Google, Uber, and Elon Musk — explores the history of suburban sprawl and car culture, and how we can build a better future with high-quality public transit for all.

  • James Wilt

Beyond Prisons

For many, the ideas of abolishing prisons may seem radical. But there is a common sense case to made for it. This course will explain why prison abolition is a moral imperative and how it could be practically achieved.

  • Multiple authors
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