Passage welcomes unsolicited pitches and submissions. Please include either a brief abstract of your piece or a completed essay.

Most published pieces are under 2000 words. We pay a flat rate of $110 CAD for shorter opinion pieces (750 to 1200 words) and $275 CAD for longer features (1500 to 2000 words). Payment is within 5 business days of completion of the work.

When work is assigned and rejected without request for revision, we pay 50% of the agreed upon fee.

Email pitches to submissions [at] readpassage.com. If your piece is time sensitive, please include Time Sensitive in the subject line of your email.

Request for Pitches

We often publish work that comes to us unsolicited, but there are some topics and ideas we are interested in covering more.

Below is a Request for Pitches that outlines some of those topics. Again, please do not feel that you need to write about one of these topics to pitch us.

  • Winning power. The left’s track record of winning power in Canada is not great. How can we improve this and begin to win and wield real power? To what extent should we focus on electoral politics? What issues should we centre in our pitch to voters?
  • Wielding power. Once in power, any left agenda will inevitably face significant headwinds from business and capital. What can the left do once in power to overcome these threats and implement radical policies? We are looking for strategic and tactical thinking on this question.
  • Ownership. We are interested in exploring socialized models of economic ownership — whether financial products, land, or other assets — and how they could be deployed in Canada.
  • Economic democracy. How can democracy be expanded into the economic sphere? Particularly interested in questions around planning, economic calculation, and Canada-specific implementation.
  • Publicly-owned enterprises. There used to be a range of publicly-owned enterprises in Canada. Many were privatized in the 1980s and 90s. What room is there today for publicly-owned enterprises? For example, what is the case for a publicly-owned telecom?
  • Utopian visions. We want to publish inspiring visions for a better future that can be delivered by left politics.
  • Cities. How can left politics deliver better cities? This topic can extend to solutions to the housing crisis, transit, urban quality of life matters, and more.
  • Towns & country. Conservative politics dominate small towns and rural regions. What can the left offer these communities? Particularly interested in de-industrialization.
  • Labour. Union power has been steadily eroded over the past few decades. How can we reverse this trend and restore power to labour unions? How should unions maximize their effectiveness now?
  • Welfare. The welfare state is too limited, and continues to face constant attack. What should be done to strengthen and expand the welfare state? What gaps exist now that need to be filled?
  • Indigenous power. How can real power be extended to Indigenous communities? What could be done in practice to extend to Indigenous communities the power to control their own destiny?
  • Fossil fuel extraction. Canada must shift away from its economic dependence on oil and gas extraction. How can this be done in a progressive way that protects workers? How should the left approach Western Canadian grievances around the decline of this sector?
  • Energy futures. How should Canada transition to using mainly renewable energy? What opportunities and risks are a part of this transition, and how should the left view them?
  • China. China is undeniably a new superpower, but our foreign policy is still largely dominated by our relationship with the United States. How should Canada orient itself with regards to China? What does a progressive foreign policy look like in the 21st century world where the United States is no longer the sole superpower?

Become a Passage Newsletter Writer

Are you working on a newsletter about a specific leftist topic, but struggling to gain an audience? Do you have an idea for an ongoing series you think people might find interesting?

Newsletters are increasingly becoming an important way people consume ideas. At Passage, we’re interested in partnering with leftist writers who want to start a newsletter, or those who are want to reach a wider audience.

We’re specifically looking for writers with a specific niche focus, subject matter experts, researchers or opinionated writers with something unique to say. Basically, if you’re obsessed with an idea you believe has an engaged audience, we want to talk to you.

To pitch us an idea, email hello [at] readpassage.com with your newsletter idea.