Between our launch date of February 5 and November 30, we published 132 articles. We also published at least 26 Horizons newsletter editions, 50 Passage Daily newsletter editions and three email courses, with a fourth on the way.  

Together, these articles, as well as other pages on our site, brought in more than 584,000 unique page views.

The top five articles by unique page views were the following:

1. Don’t Blame China For Your Government’s COVID-19 Failures by Davide Mastracci, published on April 7.

2. Christie Blatchford Doesn’t Deserve Her Eulogy by Davide Mastracci, published on February 24.

3. I Was Born Wealthy, And Know Rich People Don’t Work Harder Than You by Meghan Bell, published on March 5.

4. Tim Hortons Is Just Another Exploitative Fast-Food Chain by Nora Loreto, published on February 5.

5. COVID-19 Hasn’t Stopped Postmedia From Publishing Bullshit by Davide Mastracci, published on March 26.

This list is taken from our 2020 Transparency Report, which we encourage all readers to check out.

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